Your time is your most valuable asset, so be proactive with it! Plan each day and stay focused on only what matters now while not forgetting what needs to be done in the future.

The Daily PlanIt replaces your paper to-do list or planner with a convenient and fast interface that minimizes keypresses. Use your finger to drag and drop items in priority order. Drag and drop items to future days so they don’t clutter what you need to focus on now. Estimate and assign time to complete for each item. Tap a date to see all the items for that date.

Daily PlanIt keeps track of what you need to do. Your calendar keeps track of where you need to be and when you need to be there. These two tools work together to optimize how you use your valuable time. Let your calendar and Daily PlanIt each do what they do best.

In Daily PlanIt, swipe right to add an event on your calendar with the estimated time. Once it is on your calendar, move the item around on your calendar to the time it fits with your other obligations. Do this before your day begins, preferably when your week starts or the night before. Allocating the time to do your most important tasks pushes your goals forward while also preventing you from over-committing.

Rather than maintain a single list of ALL things you need to do now and into the future, Daily PlanIt enables you to maintain a list view per day. This means you stay focused on the “now.” Each day is topped with a list of A priorities. ‘A’ priorities are the must-do items for the day because someone is counting on you or because you are proactively choosing to make these items the most important. Your ‘B’ priorities come after your ‘A’s. The B priorities are what you do if you have time on that day after doing your A items or when you cannot spend time on your A items.

After your ‘B’ items are the items you are tracking due that day from other people. Did a colleague promise you a report? Did a vendor promise you a quote? Add those items to this list for the day they were promised, which is almost always in the future. Let Daily PlanIt remember for you.

What happens when you don’t complete a task today? Daily PlanIt will roll it over to the next day for you automatically. Or you can examine your list, reflect on what’s realistic, and drag an item to a later date when you know it will be more reasonable for you to accomplish the task.

Daily PlanIt does not have a different list for different categories like home and work. Why? Because you have one life. Work and home both need to get done and more than ever blend together. Both need to get prioritized within your day. Therefore, put all items into your daily view. Optionally, you can use colors to categorize and visually recall the categories quickly. Use red, for example, for all items you are doing for your boss. Or use a different color for each family member. Or use red for absolute must-do today but not necessarily what you do first.

At the end of a week, use the Menu of actions to create a report of all tasks completed in the prior two weeks. Use this to help you write your activity reports. Analyze your effectiveness by producing an Excel-compatible file that includes the creation date of a task as well as the completion status.

Our mission at Productivity Labs LLC is to enable you to do more with your life. We built the Daily PlanIt because no other application employed the principles of time management that we find the most effective. And because time is the one resource that you cannot make more of, using time wisely is imperative. We believe you will find the price for the Daily PlanIt easily pays for itself through your increased productivity.

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