CryptoCurr PoloBOT Lender

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Welcome to CryptoCurr PoloBOT Lender!

This app is a BOT service that will automatically take care of your Lendings in Exchange.

Giving you the best rates to start lending as soon as possible! With each update the BOT’s 🤖 AI will increase to best improve lending performance… Maybe some visual updates as well… But the most important thing is that this robot 🤖 gets sh*t done! 😀 🤑

In PoloBOT Configurations you can customize your 🤖 for your preference.

– Make sure you create a new API access in Poloniex just for this BOT with trading permissions only!
– Entering the credentials of your Key in the app, make sure that there are no spaces and the Key / Secret matches exactly as shown in Poloniex.
– Transfer the ammount you desire to lend to your lending account in Poloniex
– Start the BOT.
– Happy Earnings!


This app will only work if you create a API Access in the website and enter the credentials (Key/Secert) in the app.

*** ATENTION ***

People with more than one Google Account on their phones may experience some difficulties due to a Google Licensing known problem (A message about piracy will pop up within the app) If this happens to you please contact me so we can work out a solution