Crypto Tracker Bot

Crypto Tracker Bot is the only Android app that offers users real-time push notifications when new currencies get listed on the most influential exchanges in the world.

Our service puts users ahead of the curve by delivering detailed price and market information before the general public gets word.

How does it work?

Push Notifications:
Our proprietary algorithm searches for news, rumors, and info related to new currencies getting listed on the most influential exchanges. We send users push notifications when a new currency is listed, or has the potential to be listed in the near future. Current exchanges include:

– Coinbase
– Bithumb
– Binance
– Bitfinex
– Bittrex
– Huobi
– HitBTC
– Bibox
– OKEx
– Coinone
– Coinnest
– Kucoin
– Kraken

Users can highly customize their push notifications received from Crypto Tracker Bot.

Exchange Filter:
With this new feature, users can customize which exchanges trigger the real time notifications.

Coin Watch:
If users are only interested in receiving notifications from a specific currency, Coin Watch allows users to filter out the noise and keep their favorite coins in.

Want an alarm to wake you up when your favorite coins are listed? Well, this app can do that too. Yep, it will even override ‘silent mode’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’ if you want it to. It’s your own personal Crytpocurrency Alarm Clock.

Cryptocurrency Data:
– Coin Raking
– Market Cap
– 24h Volume
– Price
– % Price Change: 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days

About Us:
The Crypto Tracker Bot founding members are based in Los Angeles and consist of your average engineers (driven by memes and reddit) looking to help anyone getting into cryptocurrencies. We strive to deliver valuable services for all our users.

Get in touch: [email protected]

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