◑Educational Contents for Creativity Development◐

Develop children’s creativity through fun educational contents.

★Insect Catcher★
I need three identical insects!
★Maze Runner★
Escape the changing maze every time!
You have to play the same as the animal band.
★Animal Rescue★
Save birds caught by poachers!
Motley shadows. Find me!
Where should I put this piece?

◑Parent’s Guide◐
Children, it is widely known, learn and grow through play.
All children have different levels of development depending on their age and environment.
It is important for your child to experience trial and error and let them learn on their own.
These contents help children to develop their eight areas of creativity.
▷Observation Ability
▷ Thinking Ability
▷ Imagination Ability
▷ Space Perception Ability
▷ Memory Ability
▷ Composition Ability
▷ Reasoning Ability
▷ Attention Ability

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Category: Creativity Education
Requirements: 2.2 and up