The new CPAN® / CAPA® Study App II has been upgraded with 100 new CPAN and CAPA study questions to help you prepare for your exam. Review sample test questions anytime.

The CPAN® / CAPA® Study App is a study tool only.  It should be regarded as a tool to assess strengths and weaknesses. It is not intended to serve as a study guide nor should it be used as a substitute for studying.  While content may be representative of the type of knowledge and skills tested on the CPAN® and CAPA® certification examinations, this material is not identical to the content of the examinations.  A passing score on a practice examination does not in any way guarantee a passing score on any ABPANC certification examination. Use of the CPAN® / CAPA® Study App is not a requirement for eligibility or for success in passing any ABPANC certification examination.

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Category: Medical
Requirements: 4.1 and up