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Simplify your rabbitry with Cottontail! Keep track of your herd, income, expenses, pedigrees, as well as your recently bred rabbits.

Rabbit List
Cottontail allows you to store information and images for your rabbits. Keep track of detailed information such as breeds, varieties, weight, date of birth, and more.

Stay on top of your rabbitry finances by adding them to Cottontail. View a monthly breakdown of all your income and expenses.

Add your recently bred pairs and be reminded before the kits are born. Cottontail also allows you to conveniently add new born kits after they’re born, and even automatically generate pedigrees that include data from their parents’ pedigrees.

View and edit pedigree data for each of your rabbits. Pedigrees can also automatically generated when kits are born (Pedigrees cannot yet be exported as PDF. This feature is coming soon).

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Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.1 and up