☀ Compass Navigation for Android is a real compass, which shows device’s real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
Accurate compass app can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating.
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? Compass Navigation is a digital smart compass app
_ Find and direction places simply by following directional arrows.
The most innovative, feature-rich, user-friendly construction application is available. This is an application for professionals as well as amateurs! For all outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts who want an application that is very useful.
_ It features everything you could ever need to get by in the great outdoors, including a GPS compass that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions, with true and magnetic North, south, east, and west coordinates, speed of travel, date, time and map that makes navigating your world faster and easier.

? Compass Navigation help you can find your way easily through the best compass app with gps map
_ See your and targets positions on maps using different map styles and alternative map providers – plan waypoints and measure distances.
_ GPS navigation tracks multiple targets simultaneously and shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth, elevation.
_ Find and track your location and get detailed real-time GPS data – coordinates in dozens of formats, altitude, nautical and surveying units.
_ The most innovative, feature-rich, user-friendly With a beautifully crafted design is the most gorgeous compass app in the store.

? Features :
? Completely new design for Android
– Shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
– Tracks multiple targets simultaneously.
? GPS map integration
– Standard maps mode.
– Tracking location changes trajectory.
– GPS map
? Digital smart compass app
– Shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
– Imperial and Metric unit settings.
– Location coordinates (longitude, latitude)
– Its compass free
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? Important:
To use compass for Android, hold your Android device flat, use just like a real compass. Your device must have magnetic sensor inside to read earth magnetic field. If your device does not have magnetic sensor compass app will not work. Please don’t write bad comments, it’s not our fault!

? Languages:
Compass Navigation supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German and French …

? Support:
If you have any problems installing or using the app, please contact the team developed apps via mail e-mail: badunoltd@gmail.com. We will contact you and solve the problem as soon as possible.
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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 2.3 and up