Do you always want to find a reliable partner to help you in determining the direction when you have business trip or traveling in the foreign countries?
My Compass GPS
– Our compass application on mobile phone is that reliable partner.
In all the designs of the screenshots, Compass Pro is a very special compass not only its high accuracy but also its extremely intelligent applications.
Smart window with the large font on the Compass surface allows you to determine direction the fastest and the most exactly. And the biggest difference in Compass compared to other compasses is the application contains the perfect rotation. Currently, the application provides 8 rotations with a sharp decrease in resolution and over time it will be added more rotation at regular intervals.
It is not only work as a regular compass, Compass is particularly suited to tech enthusiasts. This is evidenced by the superior features of Compass:
– Easy to use as a true magnetic compass
– Beautiful user interface with multiple Rotation & Needle HD Images
– 100% App free GPS
– Display Direction by clear window
– 8 different Dials and Needles Option
– Very little equipment space required for installation
– Large text display
РYour current latitude and longitude in the most accurate display…
How to use Compass is as simple as the way you use a conventional compass. Please hold the phone parallel to the surface of the earth but please check your device specifications before use and sure that your device have magnetic sensor because if it has a magnetic sensor, the Compass can work.GPS

Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: 2.3 and up