This application is a simplified database, which is focused on working with clients. The base is fully customizable for each case. Changes the number, name, type, and location of fields. And this can be done at any time. All field settings are saved in the database itself, so that all created databases are independent of each other. There is a special type of field in which the object property can be displayed as a color chart. There is a filter that allows you to make a selection of alll fields. One filter template is stored in the database.
Much attention is paid to the issue of data security. You can create a backup and send it to an external storage. Each time the database is successfully loaded, an automatic reserve is created, which also allows you to roll back to the previous save. There are also tools for restoring the database (at least partial) from failed files. Removing a database and records from it is as difficult as possible to avoid accidental loss of data.
The work on the application will continue. I will try to include comments and suggestions.

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Category: Tools
Requirements: 4.2 and up