Christmas Watch Face Reborn is fully compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and is compatible with all Android Wear watches

Android Wear 2.0 integrated features
• external complication support
• fully standalone
• iPhone compatible

Cute and nice looking animations.

The application is absolutely free and it has core options, but you can purchase the PREMIUM version with a lot of features and options.

FREE version includes:
★ Hourly sound and vibration options
★ Own launcher
★ Own remote music control
★ Ability to change screen brightness from launcher
★ Weather forecast for current day
★ Detailed information of watch battery and phone battery
★ Google Fit data for current day
★ Day and night mode changing by sunrise and sunset according to local weather
★ Background color is changing according to current weather
★ Animations of clouds, water surface, chimney smoke, flying reindeer, Christmas lights
intensity stars on the night sky, Christmas comet, skiing snowman
★ Flying reindeer is showing days left until Christmas or New Year

PREMIUM version includes:
★ All features from FREE version
★ Daily weather including sunset, sunrise time, wind speed, highest and lowest day temperature
★ Weather forecast for next days
★ Battery view with detailed info including battery consumption graph
★ Weather view with detailed info
★ Google Fit view with detailed Google Fit data for current day
★ Set two shortcuts with predefined views or actions
★ Set five launch bar shortcuts with predefined views or actions
★ Set external complications to any indicator
★ Auto-lock options
★ Night mode options
★ Pixel burn-in protection
★ Lost connection between phone and watch notification
★ Localization options
★ Ability to adjust indicator transparency
★ Ability to enable or disable each of animations

Configuration contains:
★ Date of Christmas day (different countries celebrate on different days) and New Year
★ Enable or disable each of animations
★ Time and date format according to phone settings (12/24)
★ Enable animations in interactive mode
★ Keep watch screen awake interval
★ Weather update interval
★ Customizable temperature units
★ Customizable wind speed units
★ Information about last weather update

The Christmas Watch Face Reborn works great with squared and round watches.

For using Google Fit data in Christmas Watch Face, you must confirm dialog on start, that application can read data from your phone.

Common synchronization problem solution:

If the Application does not appear on your watch please do the following:
– uninstall the face application from the phone
– disconnect watch from phone
– restart watch
– connect watch and phone again
– install Christmas Watch Face Reborn once again

Category: Personalization
Requirements: Varies with device