Although this app is not as comprehensive as the version for the PC, it has sufficient features to allow you to calculate significantly more accurate zemanim for the airplane than is feasible for any online airplane zemanim program available today on any website. It also uses the powerful GPS of modern phones to follow the position of the airplane and allow users to even daven k’visikin to 1-2 minutes accuracies (assuming flat terrain). Basically, with this app, there is no longer any excuse for not knowing accurate zemanim for the airplane. You can also use it to calculate z’maney ha’yom for anywhere in the world.

Among the features in this release:

1. Can upload flightaware Google Earth kml files to predetermine routes
2. Edit the route by clicking on the map or just use the default Great Circle Route
3. Both online and offline maps and html documentation built in.
4. Calendar tool for choosing departure and arrival dates and times
5 Extensive list of departure and arrival airports
6. Uses a simple flight plan to increase accuracy of zemanim that occur near take-off and
6. Calculates several types of zemanim:
a. Z’manay Ha’yom at the clicked point (including solar altitude and azimuth)
b. Time to upcoming zemanim at the clicked point (so you won’t daven incorrectly).
c. Airplane zemanim predictions corresponding to Chai Air Times tables.
Color coded markers are positioned on the map to show when the zemanim are
predicted to occur. The corresponding zemanim are also similarly color coded in the
zemanim chart for user friendliness.
7. If geolocation is unavailable push a button to show the predicted position of the
airplane based on the flight plan and inputed dates and times
8. If geolocation is available (you need to be near a window — so book a window seat)
then push a button to show the airplane’s position in real time using your phone’s GPS.
9. Displays the day-night terminator taking mean atmospheric refraction into account.
This feature is essential for determining the accurate position of sunrise and sunset on
the map. N.b., this feature is not available in almost any other website even though it is
essential for determining zemanim.

In short, a tremendous tool for the airplane traveler….

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Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: 4.0 and up