Can I Retire Yet? – Pro

Can I Retire Yet? – Pro is the most powerful and comprehensive solution for retirement planning on Android.
This high-fidelity personal financial model gives you a complete and accurate picture of your spending, saving, investing, and path to retirement!
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– Job, pension, Social Security, and retirement income for both you and spouse
– Multiple, custom asset classes with user-defined fine-grained returns for tax treatment
– User-specified inflation rate

Multiple Accounts
– Five predefined accounts with accurate tax treatment: cash, taxable investments, tax-deferred for you and spouse, tax-free
– Starting balances and returns for each account
– Annual or percentage band rebalancing within accounts
– Customizable composite asset allocation drawn from all available asset classes within each account
– Capital gains/basis tracking/taxation in taxable accounts, including special capital gains tax rates
– Penalty for early withdrawal from tax deferred accounts

Flexible Financial Events
– Unlimited custom financial events: deposits, withdrawals, transfers, earned income, pensions, or real property
– Earned income events include retirement contributions, company matching, self employment, and tax withholding
– Real property events include taxes, annual costs, purchase costs, sales costs, down payment, APR, mortgage term, and early payoff
– Fine-grained event inflation/deflation controls

Taxation Accuracy

– Detailed federal tax calculations using inflation-adjusted marginal tax brackets!
– Filing status, personal exemptions, standard deductions, itemized deduction for mortgage interest
– Additional standard deduction at age 65
– Social Security: percent taxable based on AGI/filing status, maximum taxable earnings, refund of excess Social Security tax
– FICA/payroll taxes, self-employment tax
– Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) starting at age 70
– High-income taxation: Personal Exemption Phaseout, Medicare Surtax, Net Investment Income Tax

Extensive Output
– Tabular and graphical output for cash flow and net worth
– Detailed year-by-year log documents all program settings and input, financial event transactions, account growth, tax calculations, event inflation, asset allocation and tax rate statistics, and account balances
– Results displayed in today’s or future dollars

Calculations and Help
– Average return analysis (Historical and Monte Carlo analyses planned for future releases)
– Carefully validated against other leading retirement and tax calculators
– Extensive help system with explanation of all financial terms

Based on technology from the popular blog Can I Retire Yet?