Hearty hello to the perfect shake of ring fighting games and tag team wresting to tremble the rival fighters where only one can shingle grounds of rival fighters with brutal blows of street fighting games. Enchantment of dark forces in cage wrestling games has consumed the world of boxing games and it awaits a champion who steps up in the battle and fight with different techniques of Taekwondo, karate, capoeira and martial arts controlled by his nerve. Evil world of wrestling fighting games was waiting for a revolutionary boxer of fighting games to encounter their evil plans. Their intended mission to take revenge from superhero of world’s most famous battle for ruining them with his best contest abilities of punch and kick. Train super fighter for battle in revolution ring and take control of evil boxers who plan to tear down whole city of boxing fight with flick of their fist crusade, keeping in mind the current time demand of a superhero champion skills needed to win over all the evil forces of ninja fighting games.

Fighting techniques is the thing upon which your fighting wrestler is perfect at and he is the promise of humanity in the city of Kung Fu fighting games as he battles with realistic physics and ragdoll effects against rival wrestlers in death match. Pick your battle and open burst attack in different modes of cage fighting of wrestling games. Rival teams are born combatant and most skilled fighters in the world of arena fighting where they use their full of strength for victorious contest of fighting ring within seconds. Two life opportunities give hope to boxers to have a fortune for life to perform their cores and testify their Taekwondo, karate, capoeira and martial arts skills right in the heat of star wrestling tournament of fighting skills. It is been long period of time for the unattended trash calls of rival wrestlers for tag wrestling and attack them bravely to grab them tightly until they choke on their necks to call off a knockout from traditional wrestling.

Wrestling ring bids an endless adventurous mode of Wrestling and boxing game where you fight in pro wrestling mode for the honor of tag battles of karate fighting games. Think of new modes of attack and tackle glamour of fist competition hand to hand as rival opponents have good hands on the basic battle skills of revolution wrestler and coup a tough competition for the player of wrestling card games. Multiple opponent team combinations allow rivals as well as player to choose his code of battle and attack as well as defense of Wrestling ring which best fit him in multifaceted Ring boxing games. Choose one of world’s most famous wrestler characters and follow the track of flawless success in the world of cage wrestling games were you fight most evil skilled rivals. Attack your opponent of ring fighting games brutally right at the start with kicks, punches, combos and jumping skills to knock them off of the battle of wrestling games.

Cage Wrestling Tag: Revolution Death Match Fight Features:
• Authentic actions and realistic punch boxing moves
• Face different wrestling & boxing rivals with different fighting techniques
• Heavy weight champions to battle against you in ring
• Superstars & ultimate wrestling champion’s tournament
• 3D animations and realistic quality sound

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up