Buttah’s Tipper – Tip Calculator w/ OCR

Are you tired of calculating tips in your head or even using typical tip calculators? If you said ‘YES,’ you’re in luck! This app can use your camera to calculate tip!

Tip calculator with optional real time camera text recognition for Subtotal and Tax. (OCR)

This is my first android application. It handles simple tip calculations based on 15,20,25% tipping. There is also a custom tip slider 0-100. Split check also added if multiple guests are paying.

This application integrates Text Recognition from the camera live feed. It is considered in a beta phase with lots of room for improvement. It works best when Subtotal and Tax are close together. You can also manually enter Subtotal and Tax for calculations. If people enjoy it enough, I will try making it more reliable.

How to use Camera to auto-fill Subtotal and Tax:

Camera is off by default. You will need to turn on the camera by pressing the On/Off Cam button.

Pinch to Zoom on live feed. You will see text blocks recognizing text. When the Subtotal and Tax are in one box and looks correct, tap on the box and it should auto input the values into the corresponding fields.

You can adjust tip % (20% is default) and number of guests (1 default) splitting the bill.

Press Calculate and you are done!

OCR – Optical Character Recognition.

Please enjoy and let me know feedback!