With this game you are only ever 4 questions away from a divorce and losing all your friends.

A question and answer game that really pushes your friendships to the limit.

Firstly, to get the absolute best out of this game visit


so that you can get everything you need to play this game properly.

Please note that this is just the standard question pack and Instructions on how to play.

You will need to make some very simple player cards. Absolutely everything you need can be found by visiting our official website:


Want a game that will really test how strong your friendships are?

Fancy being able to tell some of your friends exactly what you think of them, all in the name of winning?

How about the chance to feel physically ill while you agonise over which friend you are going to pick as the answer?

It’s well simple to play. It goes a little like this:

Each player is given a number card to identify themselves. Then at the start of each round a person pulls out a question card.

They then asks the Brutally Honest question.

Example: Who here is the ugliest?

Pretty Brutal, yeah?

The group then picks who, of the players present, they think is the answer to the question (you cannot pick yourself).

Everyone answers by laying their answer card face down. They are then all turned over at the same time to reveal who the majority answer is. If you picked the majority winner, you win a point.

Winner is determined by whoever reaches a pre-agreed high score first or whoever is the leading scorer when the first person storms off in a huff.

Remember, to get the absolute most out of the game you should visit:


To get illustrated instructions on how to play and FREE downloadable player cards.

The end.

NOTE: This App only contains the instructions and a full question pack of over 150 Brutally Honest Cards. Whilst the app is in development you will need to make up your own player cards to play the game to its full potential. You’ll also need a pen and paper to keep score (if you want).

Everything you need can be found by visiting our official website.

Brutally Honest Cards and all associated apps and websites are the sole property of Steve Stewart October 2016

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up