Braiby is a free online tool and app for Moms & Dads. It helps you nurture a baby cognitive, emotional & physical development.

Our purpose is to give kids a solid base for their life, and – most importantly – to equip parents with the right tools.

Harvard University research findings state: in the first few years of baby life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second. The early years are the most active period for establishing neural connections. These are the connections that build brain architecture – the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depend.

Braiby makes child’s brain development fun and easy. It is a handy tool for parents and caregivers!

NOTE: Braiby is a tool for parents – there is no “screen time” for babies. It guides parents through PlayBased Curriculum containing daily activities, lessons and exercises. We highly advocate and promote the usage of natural materials that can be found in any country as manipulatives for babies.

Braiby is a free online early childhood education (ECE) program focused on development of math, science, language and art skills. It is first of its kind holistic platform that contains sensory-based activities for early childhood development, starting from day 1 of your baby’s life.

Braiby is a Play-Curriculum with suggested brain building activities, that any caregiver can use during the time when a baby is awake and happy to play. Activities are updated daily. You will see the text of the suggested play for each area of development. Choose the area, read it thoroughly, prepare props: books, sounds, sensorial materials in advance, and use them while telling your child the story and involving him physically into an actie. Do as many acties as your baby permits.

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up