So, do you love to cut and chop things? This time, in pursuit of adventure, you will find yourself in a family in which there is a spy, and unravel what his mission is-only you can. He can leave a lot of unnecessary things to you, but they should not prevent you from solving the riddle, cut and remove from your path all the excess items: toys, duck, ball and other items.

The baby should not confuse you . The boss should not hide, because you’re a real detective and you can not hide a single spy.
Remember that he can leave the same traps, if you see a bomb, go around it and do not touch it. Is it dangerous!

Fill the worlds of the game with new monsters and traps. Rise to the first lines of the leader tables! Collect trophies, amplifiers and characters, dissecting spectacular landscapes with your ninja techniques!

Features of this game for children:
• A large number of items that need to be cut.
• There are many pitfalls for you, designed specifically to knock you out of the way.
• Bonuses from the baby boss
• Share with friends and play together

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Category: Arcade
Requirements: 2.3 and up