Far, far away in another galaxy exists planet BooMEE. The people of BooMEE need your help! They have been captured by the Time Creeper. Can you use your Math and Science skills to save them?

BooMEE is a strategic fantasy role-playing game. Play BooMEE with a group of friends to maximize fun or play by yourself for the ultimate challenge.

We created this game for children to Play, Inspire, and Explore the world through STEM learning. Awaken your curiosity and battle against unique characters sent by the Time Creeper. Defeat these evildoers by solving floating number and science problems. Match wits against these oceanic, galactic, and mythological creatures that challenge you to face-off as you planet-hop your way to the Evil Time Creeper’s home planet, Chronos. The first destination of your journey is Planet Akwaaba. Players must triumph over the Time Creeper’s henchmen here before moving on to conquer planets Tobia, Emedi, and Bula to finally reach Planet Chronos.

Don’t let these evil challengers stop your quest through the galaxy! Think outside the box, play with numbers, and create different solutions to travel across planets to Chronos, where the Time Creeper awaits you!!! If you find yourself stumped by a problem, do not despair–perhaps all you need is a new angle. Tap on the challenger, watch the numbers reassemble, and try again. The people of BooMEE need you!

Exploration and discovery are often rewarded! Don’t forget to investigate the tools in your backpack and study the creatures you meet. If you do, you may unlock special powers along your journey to save BooMEE!

Adventure through mystical worlds and use the magic of math and science on your quest to save planet BooMEE!

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This game is designed for anyone ages 4 and up. Play alone for the ultimate challenge, or join forces with friends in groups of 2 to 4 for a brain boost that maximizes the fun!

Everyone has an inner child. Our products are designed with this in mind, reflecting our mantra – “Play, Inspire, Explore”.

Beautiful graphics and animations
Creative problem-solving
Creates collaborative environment
Collect unique power-ups
Qwiki – Learn more about characters
All-in-one package: STEM + other topics, 42 levels
No in-app purchases
No hidden fees

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Requirements: 2.3 and up