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Boom War beach: Conquest

Before you – a new dynamic strategy with military elements . In it, you have to arrange your life on the tropical island of boom, where you are thrown by fate. The island seems uninhabited, but in fact it is not so – it is inhabited by long-forgotten enemies, and they are not at all peaceful-minded …

Unknown Island

The character you will be controlling is the commander of a military unit that is shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean. Reaching on the boats to the shore of the boom beach, soldiers understand that they were on some unknown tropical land, on which there is no civilization. The task becomes clear – to create a civilization on its own and survive!

Malicious Foes

However, it soon becomes clear that in addition to animals, people live on the island of boombeach. And not just people, but a regiment of soldiers of an enemy country, which you won in the sea battle a few months ago. Naturally, your enemies burn with thirst for revenge and are ready to go to war with you. To your tasks is added a new one – to give the enemies a rebuff!

Beach Crafting

To equip your life on the island, you, like in any cla format game, will have to learn how to extract resources, hunt and create tools. For example, to build a home, you need to make tools first. To make them, you need to get wood, stone or metal. Having created tools, you can build houses, barricades or vehicles. For all this you will receive experience points and game currency, for which you can buy better materials in the store. Weapons and gunpowder can be obtained through diversions into enemy camps. Steal enough weapons – and you will be able to fight on equal terms with opponents!

Possible allies

In addition to your enemies, independent groups of people live on the island. Make contact with them, extend a hand of friendship – and they, having much experience of survival on this island, will become priceless allies for you!

Come into the game, find new resources, use crafting, resort to tactical thinking, win battles – and this game like empires and allies will become for you an unforgettable adventure!