BMI Calculator – BMI, BMR & Body Fat Calculator is a fitness app that consents you to remain updated, if anything curious happening inside you, yes I am talking about your body and its ideal weight. It is compulsory to keep-a-check at your basal metabolic rate, waist to height ratio and height to waist ratio and body fat on regular basis to stay in good physical shape, but in such busy schedule of routine, none got time to visit doctors every day or buying expensive apparatuses – well no need, as now you have BMI Calculator! This single app owns four main features, i.e., BMI calculator or body mass index calculator, BMR calculator , body fat calculator and waist to height ratio calculator that sanctions you to evaluate almost everything regarding your body.

Well, from opening our eyes in the day to closing them in the nights we all are crunching numbers. Its normal to tickle the touch-screen of our smarties for updates regarding everything, of course. When you have everything on your tips, it becomes a prerequisite to remain restructured about the fitness of the body, and this is what BMI Calculator brings you. You can take BMI tests by using it and surely provide you with accurate Body mass index rating.

How Does it Work?
It works on quite simple and modest rules and with the user-friendly and intuitive layout, even a novice can use it effortlessly. All you have to do it is, entering the age, weight, and height of the person you take BMI test for, in the specified boxes. In reply, it will prove with accurate reckons of body mass index. Body mass index helps you to identify if all the functions of your body are taking place properly and keeping you in shape.

Features of BMI Calculator – BMI, BMR & Body Fat Calculator
You can use calculator and rating in your desired parameters because it includes
★ BMI calculator kg
★ BMI calculator metric
★ Body Mass Index calculator
★ BMR calculator
★ Waist to Height Ratio Calculator
★ Basal metabolic rate or BMR Calculator
★ Body fat Calculator

I have perfect body shape why should download this app then?
Whatever happening inside our body takes time to show signs thus if you think yourself in shape and weight as per your height; still, you need to keep taking body mass index test to figure out your Basal Metabolic rate and waist to height ratio. Our BMI Calculator will give you accurate rating regarding your body functions and even a slight change will be indicated. In this way, you can keep your, in shape body shaped and your overall figure from. Moreover, it works as per your gender because there is a huge difference in men and women bodies.

BMI Calculator – BMI, BMR & Body Fat Calculator, a need of the time
Studies conducting regarding health issues, pointed out obesity to be the serious health issue in earthmen and its ratio will be even more increasing into upcoming days. Why? Due to increase in the consumption of junk foods and less physical activities. Thus it has become necessary for all humans to have jumbo apparatus with them every time, and also being a little more lucrative towards physical activities to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
The bottom line is that; you must not think this app as a diagnostic tool to detect any disease in men and women. This app’s BMI Calculator, BMR Calculator, body fat calculator just shows the functions of your body if they are working on proper rates or not. Anyhow, if you detect irregularities in the functions of your body, it is advisable to you to consult a physician as quickly as possible. All with this, try to adopt healthy living by making lesser use of fast foods and getting habitual of taking exercise on a daily basis.
Download this app now and don’t forget to send us your feedback in comment section below. Your precious views are always welcome.

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