Do you like strategy fighting games and heros with super natural powers? Download this game to defeat your rivals and mark your territory being a Super Mutant Hero!

Embark on an adventure in a unique blocky, pixelated environment! Be the defender of your neighborhood from the mafia, gangsters, and mobsters. Criminals have weaved a deadly plan to capture your territory. Collude with the police to save your town! This game provides a unique visual experience, but contains all of your favorite features from mafia fighting games! Explore one-on-one as well as multiple enemy fights. Chase down their cars and corner them. Use your superhero powers to take down the small thugs first, and make your way up to the challenging Mafia Bosses! Every single mission has its own adventure!

Use a variety of different attacks! Mega Attack and Combo Attack are powerful, so use them wisely. Use your sharp moves to upgrade your skills. Use your attacking stunts like flips and mid-air kicks. Enjoy intuitive the Pixel Art environment specially designed for city fighting adventures, allowing full exploration of urban streets!

Blocky Mutant 3D Features:

•Awesome Pixel Art and 3D blocky environments for you to explore
•Super Awesome visual & sound effects
•Amazing fighting tricks (kicks, punch, block and hit)
•Amazing attack animations with advanced features
•Smooth, easy, addictive & intuitive controls
•Awesome Personalized Story based Mutant Hero fighting missions
•Realistic flying and jumping kicks & wrestling animations

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Category: Action
Requirements: 4.0 and up