After big success on iTunes, CognitoBaby finally joins Google Play!
Favorite baby, toddler, mini nursery and kindergarten activity games collected in one app with multilingual language learning platform for early toddler learning where we explore numbers, animals, fruits, and vegetables, colors, flashcards with vehicles, music instruments and more. All this translated and voiced over to 27 languages. 
Choose the language you want from our library or combine and use more languages simultaneously and start playing. Created for polyglot, trilingual and multilingual kids as ALL in ONE learning tool.

– Loved by mini and toddlers in 155 countries 
– No Ads
– No In-App Purchases
– No monthly fees 
– Unlimited access to all 8 mini-games
– Unlimited access to all 27 languages – mix and match
– Play offline
– Simple to use, clean and colorful
– Age 0-3 ?

Built with a focus on delivering a top quality fun and easy kindergarten learning platform full of fun activities for the smallest children with emphasis on infant development and bilingual nursery children, language development skills will be an easy task.

CognitoBaby is full of music, sounds, funny and cute with vibrant colors, 3D top quality pictures, colourpop game, mini mine icons and more that helps to develop and accelerate children’s learning process, recognition of basic items and language skills.

Games and Activities for early learning:

? Learn Colors -learn colors by playing a fun colourpop game

? Learn Numbers -numbers from 0-10 by popping moving

? Learn Animals – learn animal names, and sounds by
flashcards, great for infant development language skills

?Learn Music Instruments –  learn musical instruments, their
names, and sounds

?Learn Vehicles – learn different items from category
transportation, their names & sounds

?Learn and get to know – Fruit And Vegetables with funny mini
voices – common fruit platter names

? Discover and learn House Items – Kids and toddlers learn
names and sounds by using flashcards

? Guess what is what – Kids and toddlers learn to recognize
and practice from all topics


?8 learning games with professional instruction voice 
?Increase bilingual, trilingual and multilingual language skills
? Promotes and accelerate language & multilingualism
?Perfect for toddler learning and kids learning
? Voice-over in 27 different languages. English, Spanish,
Arabic, Russian, French, German, Chinese, Korean,
Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi and more
? Combine and use more languages simultaneously – mix and
match – trilingual children will for sure enjoy this
?  A game designed for babies, toddlers, preschooler and
children in age  0 1  2  3  
? Used as a tool for stimulating infant development, toddler
learning and up to preschool
? Colorful graphics, music, voice-over and sound effects
? Unlimited Play offline and Free Up-Grades
? Supports all devices
? Created as a helping tool for infant development, bilingual
nursery children, trilingual children, kindergarten, and for
better toddler learning language development.
Kids content games for early bilingual, trilingual learning

Multilingual Enlightenment Learning for Kindergarten
By SmartTouchEntertainment s.r.o

??American English
??British English
??Chinese Cantonese
??Chinese Mandarin
??Portuguese Brazilian

Requirements: 4.3 and up