A simple, fun, effective Bible memory app to memorize Scripture verses. A visual cue doubles retention for any age! Any age can do MemLok! You choose your own verses. The Review System is automatic. So you will always keep up.

Since ’89 MemLok Bible memory system was a notebook. Then it progressed to floppies, CDs and a download (available at MemLok.com). Now we have grown up 🙂 We’re an APP beta.

MemLok4 is a fun, effective Bible memory app to memorize Scripture verses from 48 Topics,

700+ Verses. It’s Simple. A visual cue doubles retention for any age using both sides of the brain.


Multiple Bible memory methods:

* Word puzzles
* Fill in the gaps
* Line by line verse practice
* Flashcard review system only minutes per day

* Regularly review ALL the verses you ever learn. About 5 min/day.

* WORD PICTURE for the “first key words” makes it fun.

* Go at your own pace.

* Select the topics & Scriptures that fit your family.

* Multiple users can log in separately on any device.

* Non-reading 3-5 year old kids love MemLok!

* 700 “favorite verses”- Genesis to Revelation.

* At least one memory verse in every chapter of the NT and Proverbs and each OT book.

* Sync all your devices.

* Flip card “effect” makes you smile.

* Zoom so you don’t need glasses.

* Add verse to review but it remains visible in your Topics/Books list to show others.

* Delete a card from your review if you change your mind.

* Multiple Bible versions.

* One tap comparing of a verse in the other versions.

* Pictures are proven to help memory – using more than one sense.

* Be ready with God’s answers to questions you face in real life using Man Says.

* Show/Hide Man Says or Topics.

* If all you do is meditate on Bible verse cards you like, you’ll be blessed using MemLok4!

As soon as you install, the first thing you want to do is: Choose your favorite translation under preferences. Then go to Topics and press the Waiting List Button each time you see a verse you want to memorize. Find a BUNCH! Pick one and go!

We appreciate you spreading God’s Word by giving us many stars and showing friends! Thank you! The MemLok Team


* Contact support from directly inside the Bible App. contactus@memlok.com

* Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/MemLokBible

* Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MemLok

* Catch up on the News on our blog: http://www.memlok.com/wp/news

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up