The funny and educational virtual pet Baby Boogies has arrived! Feed it, clean it, play with it and train your multiple intelligences through mini games.

* Meet your Baby Boogie, choose their name and discover what they like or not.
* Unlock special items to be the coolest Baby Boogie.
* Plant and collect the harvest to have the fridge full of food.
* Feed your pet cooking delicious cakes and smoothies.
* Maintain active your Boogie while playing with the ball, swinging or jumping with a rope.
* Take care of your Baby Boogie by cleaning their teeth or bathing them before going to sleep.

In our app you will find games designed pedagogically to work skills such as creativity or imagination.
– The harvest: plant the food for your boogie and observe how it grows.
– The scarecrow: prevent the crows from eating the vegetables of your boogie.
– The pastry boogie: create delicious cakes with the fruits collected from your garden.
– Juices and smoothies: mix vegetables and fruits and feed your pet with delicious smoothies.
– Valen the penguin: feed Valen with the fruits he asks for.
– Paint and color: show your creativity and create your own works of art.
– Singer birds: show your musical intelligence playing with the birds of the Boogie universe.
– Time to sleep: help your boogie to sleep by choosing the animals he asks for.
– Teeth cleaning!: Keep clean the teeth of your boogie by washing them carefully.
– Voice modifier: give voice to your character with different tones.
– Ducks to the water!: after a hard day do not forget to give a relaxing bath to your Boogie.

The app Baby Boogies has a pedagogical and educational base. The mini games of the app are designed by our team of pedagogues in order to work and stimulate the multiple intelligences of children from 2 to 5 years old. Through fun challenges they will work their attention, memory, creativity and imagination.


Cuicui Studios S.L. is a startup dedicated to the creation of educational games of brain training kind, designed pedagogically to train and analyze the multiple intelligences of our users. More info at:


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Requirements: 4.1 and up