The combat mobile game is adapted from classic cartoon. The game has the same scenes, characters, plots, skills and the voices as the cartoon’s.

You are the character Ichigo who will return some classic scenes like Soul Society. Make zanbakutou, practice kito, and get Bankai! Experience the most comprehensive collective gameplay and build up own Division!

100% reproduce original work
100% reproduce characters, skills, scenes, music, which shows great respect to fans and the classic cartoon!

New definition of combat mobile games
Apply brand-new dual operation: joystick operation and new gestures operation.

Real Bankai
All characters of cartoon are available here! Also you can see the changes for appearance and moves due to Bankai.

Female Shinigami Association
Female characters are coming up with great charm and Victoria secret-like dress! Devil or Angle?

Lots of bonus
Activities are open for all day. Lots of vigor, soul and other kinfs of rewards are granted for free!

Cooking System
Cook delicious food in Soul Society all by yourself! You can restore vigor after enjoy the food!

Arena Battle
Dispatch three strongest team members to have battles, which not only levels up rank but also get lots of rewards. Arena points can exchange characters that has the same level as general captain!

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Category: Action
Requirements: 4.1 and up