Avatar Maker: Kissing Couple

Whatever happens, I will always love you… 💗 And how can you seal those words better than with a kiss? 💏

The girl feels herself being drawn to the guy’s lips, and her lips touching his… 💋 What will their kiss be like? How will it go? It all depends on you! 💑 Is it the first kiss shared by two innocent lovers, or a passionate kiss between people who are parting forever? 💓

👸 Dress the girl: a cute princess, a young bride, a famous singer, a magic fairy, a strong heroine, a wicked demon woman, or… somebody else?
👦 Choose a guy: a handsome boy from school, a well-known actor, a romantic poet, a fairytale knight, a cool hero, a beautiful angel, or… somebody else?

💇 You can pick the background, eye color, haircuts, clothes, and accessories from the world’s best fandoms.
💅 Choose how the shadows will look: heavy like in manga, or soft like in anime, or graded like in cartoons.
📔 Create the kiss of your dreams, or an illustration for your love fanfic, or just a cool pairing (shipping) in the style of the best ranobe.

It’s all about love! Handsome guys and cute girls, and their first kiss…💞
And of course don’t forget to write a review and send us your ideas 💌