How would you feel if you had a collision while using your phone?

Distracted driving due to phone use is the new impaired driving.

AutoAdvisory significantly reduces the risk of collisions by encouraging safe and attentive driver behaviour.

Using aircraft systems design principles, AutoAdvisory has been engineered to be safe, effective and reliable.

Set-up Instructions:
1. Enter your vehicle’s Bluetooth device name in Settings or plug in phone to vehicle’s charger.
2. Turn AutoAdvisory ON.
3. Lock phone for a safe trip.

Allow all permissions during set-up. AutoAdvisory runs continuously in the background.

How does our app work?

AutoAdvisory advises you not to use your Android phone when driving is detected (similar to the seat belt warning symbol and chime), continuously monitors your phone to ensure it remains locked during the trip, and provides feedback at the end of the trip via the Auto Debrief feature – all while maintaining 100% privacy and not affecting the functionality of your Android phone.

You can share your safe driving accomplishments with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter directly through the app.

Configure AutoAdvisory to your preferences via the Settings icon. The app has been designed for Android phones running KitKat (version 4.4) or higher.

This video gives a brief introduction to our app:

Please provide your feedback on Google Play.

For the sake of those you care for, stay connected…to the road.

-The AutoAdvisory Design Team-

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Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: 4.4 and up