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The second part of ‘Libros de Skyrim’ is here! And comes with loads of new features, like an english version.

Appocrypha is like a book, a Companion App that offers all the books from The Elder Scrolls, and an engine able to detect Lore names, so it offers advanced information to texts, like maps, locations, names, deities, …

Have you ever read any fantasy or science fiction book, read a name you recognize but don’t remember exactly of what, and then you put your finger on the page you’re reading and go to the maps, or the glossary, to check who or what owns that name? Have you ever lost the page you were reading because you removed your finger? Appocrypha solves that, because all you need to know more about anything… is tap on it 🙂

But it’s not a dictionary plugin. It doesn’t detect verbs, or articles. It detects semantical names. Cities, individuals, species, dragons, daedra, objets… any names that might be eloquently useful to understand where happens the story, and who appears on it.

Might I say here that I did it with The Elder Scrolls, but just as a showcase of my engine, which can be exported to other very well known sagas.

Appocrypha is also a minigame where you have to find the ‘black glosses’ of Hermaeus Mora. The Black Glosses are ‘individual pieces of lore knowledge’. On any book, you will see there are 2 to 50 glosses to catch. To catch them, you must tap on them, and that will give you a coin if you didn’t know that black gloss. You will see the books have a cost, but that cost is not related to any real money coins, but to the coins you gather by catching those black glosses.

Appocrypha is also a social network, where you can interact with people of the community and ask anything on the lore or videogames of The Elder Scrolls.

Appocrypha will also be a social shop, that means, a place to connect people who love this lore, and can create unofficial gadgets, and sell them through this app. Just things of The Elder Scrolls, not just of ‘related’ sagas.

Why is it a pay app? Just because I want it to be tested in a reduced circle of people who love the stories, and I’m a poor and solo developer, so this is the result of 6 hard months of work, building the API, the graphics, the texts, … and the semantical engine, which I hope you enjoy and let me improve with your patience and help. On december 2017 there will be a free mode.

I don’t want this app to be a legal fault. It’s based on the fair use, as in every moment I name the authors, and I dont want to get rich with the Elder Scrolls: I want to get rich with my Semantical Engine, the GlossEngine, and do this app with more well known sagas, with official books, as it’s thought to offer the writers a new way to publish and distribute books. If I become rich with this (which I don’t expect but hey, all of us can dream, right?), I will give more control on the project to Bethesda and/or Zenimax, or give a rightful percentage to them.