Try the first ANIME VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for your android device!

AI MAID LIME is here to help you and make your life better!

She can be “really helpful with all her features” or “just a good friend” or “maybe both”!

She’s inspired by famous japanese anime about robot and maid robot .


– CHATBOT, talk with her as long as you can in the ” chat with lime!” window.
(she can learn things, and maybe give you good advices! )

– CALCULATION , with the maid calculator ( activate with the “C” button)
(she will react to your calculation result!)

– NOTES, click on “N” button to write five goals you want to achieve in your life.
(And see the maid happy than ever for you! when you click on the cross to clear your goals!)

-SPEECH RECOGNATION click on “T” button and talk with your voice to the maid!

-SPECIAL INPUT on chat ( need to be write exactly like down below)
“give me some news please” ( open internet news page )

-“open youtube please” ( open youtube app )

-“show me the weather please” ( open the world weather internet page)

-“open my mail please” ( open your mail box)

-“open internet please” (” open google search page”)


When you chat with the maid , she register your some of your informations for a better
talk like your name or your age and more.

But she will lost this data if you close the app, so to keep her data i create a simple memory system .

WHEN YOU START the app on START MENU please click on TAP MY NAME IS “X” button

her you have to enter your informations exactly like this:

EXAMPLE: “my name is alex. i’m 18 years old. my nickname is roderick. i live in tokyo.”

you can add more data, just talk to lime and everytime you find something she can register
add it to the START MENU!

I certify all the contents i use are “royalty free”.
The maid is the character create by virtet ” free for commercial use”
all other objects or plugins come from royalty free sites like “turbosquid” ,”unityassetstore” and more.

But if you have any questions about what is use please e-mail me first !
This artificial intelligence presented as an entity, has been created to help people , for good and not bad actions.
So please be nice with the maid and she will be nice to you!

A lot of updates coming soon because i first made this app for myself.

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 2.3 and up