With this new didactic app for pre-k kids, Animal Noises : Pre-k kids learn animal sounds , toddlers are encouraged to learn field, wild and farm animal’s noises. It’s a very simple didactic game that any youngster will enjoy and have fun with! No skill required! Jump into our virtual zoo and have fun!

?Easy and Fun Learning

Tap an animal and it will make a noise. Interacting with them, causes them to make a funny face and come close to the screen to say hi to your youngster! Infants can also interact with the drawings – enviroment. Try to touch the different buildings, clouds, the field etc, and something magical will happen! Youngsters will learn the law of action – reaction and the animal noises!

? Graphics designed for pre-k kids and youngsters! (2 years old or younger)

All the animals and enviroment sprites are designed to remind us the drawings we used to make as youngsters. We tried to create cute sprites that 2 years old (or younger) kids will love to spend times interacting with.

?Different enviroments and more to come

In this didactic app, there are two different enviroments – drawings at the moment. We are trying to create enviroments similar to the ones our little preschoolers are use to draw. Also, it’s important these enviroments to be interactive and we are trying to achieve that in the best possible way. Right now, in this didactic app, you will interact with farm and domestic animals, field and wild animals and species. Our virtual zoo is going to get bigger and bigger. More enviroments and animals will be added soon. We are working on that!

?Animal Noises : Pre-k kids learn animal sounds Features:

✅ Cute graphics, inspired by babyish drawings
✅ No skill required
✅ No internet connection required
✅ didactio app that eaches animal noises and characteristics + action/reaction.
✅ Interactive Babyish Enviroments
✅ Perfect for preschoolers and youngsters (2 years old or younger)
✅ Toddlers learn farm,wild and domestic animals,birds and their voices.
✅ The Cutest virtual zoo.
✅ 100% FREE no internet game

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Category: Education Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up