This app is a analysis tool of the activities on your Instagram account. It allows you to see the number of likes a post received and the number of people who follows you. You can also see how many likes does one particular post has received.

We give you information on:

How many posts are there in your Instagram
The total number of likes your account has received
The number of likes that each post received
The number of likes that certain person gave you
The person from whom that most likes were given

How to use:

Login in with your Instagram username and password;
Then click “Total”, “Last week”, “This week” or “Last Month”, to see the results of our analysis.

With the help of this app, you can have an easy access of knowing what happened to your Instagram account, that is, to have a first hand information about how many people likes your picture and how many people are following you.

Try our app and to explore more exciting features to promote your Instagram account, then you will become more popular on Instagram!

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Category: Lifestyle
Requirements: 4.4 and up