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Always On Display Screen Bar S8 edge, LG G5 pro (AWSO) is an application that displays basic information such as time, notifications, etc… on your screen.
With AWSO, it will help you check information quickly, limiting the number of switch on screen just to see hours or check information. This will help you to save some battery. And more, your device will look awesome and special.

It is convenient and practical!
➤ Samsung s6 edge bar.
➤ Turn On screen by double tap like LG or Xiaomi device.
➤ Display battery level.
➤ Display notification icon.
➤ Display notification content.
➤ Display music player bar.
➤ Display notification icon.
➤ Display your name or your memo text… and custom this (fontsface or text color)
➤ Swipe to switch multi tasking bar.
➤ Custom Clock (fontsface or clock color)
➤ Custom the multi tasking bar style.

Other setting for display
➤ Brightness: brightness of display screen
➤ Automatically off screen when put device to pocket.
➤ Auto turn off screen after some time.
➤ Setting for display in the time range.
➤ Percentage of battery for allowed to display
➤ Optimize memory and battery
…and more some thing waiting for you to discover.

Try the new feature from Samsung™ Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, S8 edge and LG G5
Works perfectly with screen lock.

Requested Permissions explanation:

Device Administration permission
Needed to turn off and lock screen when ‘Auto Enable/Disable’ feature is enabled.
This permission is requested by application only if user enable ‘Auto Enable/Disable’ feature in settings.
Application does not change any system settings, does not perform any other actions except ‘lock screen’.

Phone permission, Device ID and call information
Needed to recognize incoming calls, dismiss the always on screen and show the incoming call screen.

Notification Permission:
Needed to listen and display Notifications.

Run at startup
Needed Run application after device reboot.

Draw over other apps
Needed to Display ‘Always On Display’.

Prevent device from sleeping
Needed to force awake device.

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Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.4 and up