ALLin is a Real-Time Massively Multiplayer Ed-Trivia Game hosts the Content Across Multiple Categories like:

Academic Games in ALLin: 
  Spell Check
  Advance Mathematics
  Basic Maths
  Basic Science

Engineering Games in ALLin:
  Electrical Engineering
  Chemical Engineering|
  Mechanical Engineering
  Computer Science Engineering
  Electronics Engineering
  Civil Engineering
  Engineering Mathematics 

Management Games in ALLin:
  Business Quotient 
  Logical Reasoning

Entrance Exam Topics in ALLin:
  IIT Mathematics
  IIT Physics
  IIT Chemistry
  NEET Biology
  CAT Aptitude
  CAT Reasoning
  CAT Vocabulary
  GATE Chemical Engineering
  GATE Civil Engineering
  GATE Computer Science Engineering
  GATE Mechanical Engineering
  GATE Electrical Engineering
  GATE Electronics Engineering

Technology Games in ALLin:
  Software Testing

Sports Topics in ALLin:

General Knowledge:

1) Install the App
2) Register using Facebook or Google or Own Email login credentials 
3) Select the Topic in Sit&Go 
4) Choose the Stake
5) Play with minimum of 2 opponent players to maximum of 5 opponent players
6) Win the maximum pot coins by giving the Quickest Right Answer than other players
7) The coins won will be added in player’s Wallet
8) Redeem the coins once it reaches the redeemable count. 

1) Click on Tournaments Tab
2) Checkout the Tournament Name, Time slot & Entry Coins
3) Register for Tournament
4) Join the Tournament at mentioned schedule
5) Play the Tournament
6) Check your Ranking vs. your opponent players ranking in each break screen
7) Checkout the leader Board for your final rank and the final rank of other players
8) The coins Won will be added to the Wallet Count

1) View Coins Balance
2) Invite friends to earn more coins
3) View Transaction history 
4) Redeem coins if the count of coins matches the redeemable limit

1) Statistics
2) Help
3) Rate the App

Enjoy this First of its Kind, Highly Fizzing, Massively Multiplayer ALLin Trivia Game

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Category: Brain Games Trivia
Requirements: 4.4 and up