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TV media & Movies Free is designed for all level users. for kodi or not for kodi its always gonna be for kodi.

now and next on other TV channels while you watch a stream.

movies straight from yours so you never for kodi miss the next listing of your show.
You can start for kodi app at any location you like independently

have a great thing for kodi even knowing its for kodi TV its almost the same for kodi now
even spoil your mobile with one of many mobile accessories available

And why would you think its not for kodi or anything for kodi, but when it comes for kodi or not being for kodi

when you get anything for kodi

Unified listings from live TV.

Watching and having fun for kodi and for friends who like movies for kodi they can
Tired of app that promise too much and deliver too little,

You dont need to worry about the price for kodi or how much is for kodi plus.

You may not be for kodi an expert or experienced user to use the prank for kodi TV & Movies Free.
Be having anything for kodi independently without having experiance for kodi


this is a prank app for kodi addons, we do not provide any addons, this is just a joke app to have fun with friends.

if you encounter any problems with the app please contact us.