Space is littered with various household items (or things cosmos never dreamed of). Our alien buddies want to find them for us, but they’re not too good at spotting anything – you need to get in there and help them out! Grab your magnifying glass and find all the things!

How to play:
Pay attention to every little detail on the screen and find the required items (shown as silhouettes in the upper left-hand corner) as fast as you can!
Tap the right objects before time runs out.
Found them all? Good job!

Relaxing and stress-free game to help you find out how perceptive you are.
Find objects in a very diverse set of environments – space, sands of the Egyptian desert and even a playroom!
Visuals are a real eye-candy!

This awesome brain teasers game require you to be as smart as possible. It is not only fun but also very educational and gives your brain a good workout. Our games focus not only on entertainment but also on giving you the best brain training possible in very beautiful, artistic way.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up