This is a to-do list / task-management / reminder / alarm app with an unparalleled range of exclusive features and customizable options

An app to get your life completely organized, manage schedules/day to day tasks, reminders about deadlines/meetings/appointments/bill payments etc.

Features exclusive to “PRO” version :

• Widget: A homescreen widget displaying due alarms/tasks, which is further customizable with widget filters. Using widget filters, you will be able to display tasks of only chosen categories/criticalities & discarded ones won’t be displayed.

• Text file: Generate a text file containing list of alarms/tasks. Further customizable using filters, to narrow down the list of alarms in generated text file.

• Unlock paid only features Unlock some features not available in “FREE” version like skip next functionality for repeating alarms, days 1/2/3/14/15/16/29/30/31 not available for “Days of Month” repeating alarms in “FREE” version.

In addition, there is a FREE version of this app as well.
Link –

Features common to both “FREE” & “PRO” versions :

• Lots of repeating alarm options: “Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / Days of week / Days of month / Months of Year ” repeating options & alarms which can repeat every “x” number of hours/days/weeks/months etc.

• Exclusive “Days of month” repeating option: eg: Alarms which repeat on 1st, 18th & 31st of every month

• Exclusive “Months of year” repeating option: eg: Alarms which repeat on 15th of Jan & Jun of every year

• Search functionality: Search & list tasks containing specific text only

• Sort alarms/tasks: Sort tasks/”to do” list in ascending/descending order(Date-wise)

• Filter alarms/tasks: 5 filter options have provided i.e. alarm due date/alarm type/criticality/category/date range, which can
be used standalone or in combination for more granular filtered “to do” list of tasks.

• Backup/restore data on cloud: Backup & restore data on Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive, ensuring seamless migration to a new device. Or if you have multiple devices, backup data on one device & restore/copy on any number of other devices.

• Each alarm customizable with a no. of options: Customize each reminder with options like separate music track, max volume, snoozing options, volume fade in, pre alert alarm etc.

• Plenty of options for selecting music track: Set your ringtone from either device’s default ringtones/alarms or music files anywhere on your device

• Wake up with gentle fade-in alarms: Fade-in alarms with volume slowly building up, for as long as 1 hour. Say goodbye to unpleasant alarms with music blaring out at full volume.

• Vacation mode: When on vacation, switch on vacation mode to disable all repeating alarms. When switched off, all repeating alarms will get re-activated.

• Pre alert alarm: Will cause a pre alert alarm, prior to main alarm.

• Conflicting alarms alert: While adding a new alarm/task, you will be alerted if there are any clashing/conflicting tasks.

• Unattended alarms: To save battery life, Auto-snooze/auto-dismiss unattended alarms .

• “Help” on how to use app features Help icons are placed at the very place features appear in the app flow, giving you a crystal clear understanding of how to use app features.

• Label your reminders/tasks with category & criticality: After tasks have been labelled with category or criticality, you can use filters to show alarms/tasks with specific categories or criticality only.

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Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.0 and up