Experience videos and music while live chatting with your friends. It’s basically like gathering everyone around the TV or jamming out in your best friend’s car. AKA the future. Share media from YouTube, Spotify, and more…

You’ll use this app to:

Video chat: What’s better than video chatting with one person? Video chatting with up to 6 of your friends. Shy? Don’t worry, you can also message with up to 250 people. Or, do both at the same time.

Watch videos: The Weekend’s latest music video just drop? Have to show your friends that video of a cat playing the trumpet? Share videos from YouTube and Vimeo and watch them together.

Listen to music: Don’t listen to Drake’s latest banger on repeat alone. Vibe to songs from Spotify and Soundcloud with your friends at the same time.

Share your stuff: Share your photos and videos from last night’s escapades and react in real time without ever having to leave your bed. Need your friends to bring you pizza? You can also share your location.

Note: Airtime is made by a team of real people with real feelings who legitimately care about you and your experience. On that note, if you have ideas, feedback or just want to buy us lunch, reach out at support@airtime.com. And if you’ve read this far, definitely email us because you, my friend, deserve a free Airtime hat. Or two.

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Category: Social
Requirements: 4.3 and up