A snout-standing physics-based puzzle game that’ll make you go hog wild!

Adventure Pig is a rootin’-tootin’ daredevil that was born to entertain. Help the pot-bellied performer, along with a trusty chicken sidekick, take their ham-azing act far beyond the farm!

Tap to remove a growing number of stacked objects — from bales of hay to purple elephants to ice cream sundaes — and land Adventure Pig on the platform in style. One wrong tap, and — SPLAT! — your act ends in the muck.

• Pursue pork-fection across 40 fun levels starting at the farm and continuing on to a diner, a carnival, and a big city!

• Use strategy to complete levels in as few moves as possible and maximize your point total

• Score three stars on each level by landing Adventure Pig perfectly on the platform!

• Avoid dangerous falling objects, explosive items, and more.

The show must go on! Find out where will Adventure Pig go next by visiting www.adventurepigapp.com, following @AdventurePigApp on Twitter, and liking /AdventurePigApp on Facebook.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up