Action Words Flash cards that really show action! Learning simple action words is fun and easy with this set of 40 words. These cards are produced with high quality 3D animation to illustrate each action.

Reading gets active with our 3D Animated Action Words Flash Cards. This app contains high interest action verbs that are fun to read and act out. Readers become storytellers when they read and share fun action words. Like sight words, action words are instrumental in the early education of children.

Included Action Word List:

Bite, Blow, Build, Catch, Clap, Climb, Close, Cut, Dance, Draw, Drink, Drop, Eat, Enter, Exit, Fold, Hit, Juggle, Jump, Kick, Knock, Open, Pour, Pull, Read, Ride, Run, Sit, Stand, Swim, Grab, Sleep, Throw, Walk, Wave, Roll, Swing, Brush, Wash, Push


– Swipe or use arrows to move from one card to the next.
– Use the search icon to select any card at any time.


• Sound (on/off)
• Ability to turn off the words for quizzing
• Card swipe with hand (on/off)
• Ability to show cards in random order

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Category: Education
Requirements: 4.4 and up