A Real Video Call from JOJO Siwa Joke

Welcome to This New jojo siwa video call , This application made to have fun with family and friends , with fake video call, it give you a jojo siwa fake call faketime . just for entertainement purposes .

Enjoy uncoming jojo siwa video call princess the most cute girl in world, you could set the time , you want to call you .

How This application is work ?

* Create a new Contact with jojo siwa phone number .
* Go to the app andchoose the contact you’ve created.
*Choose the time and tap save.
*Wait for the fake call.
*you can now dance with boomeran .

This application is an app from entertainment wih your friends with fake call , it give you a jojo siwa fake call.

play with your friends and you family .

Disclaimer & Legal Notice : Please Read it :

This Application is just for entertainement purposes , Just for having fun and prank your family & Friends . This is not jojo siwa call real .
We made this application to prank your friends & family & have fun with him