This app is mainly for Volvos from years 1996-98 to use with ELM327 bluetooth dongle to diagnose, read and even program little bit those cars modules.

Support: ELM327(1.4b onwards) or USB ObdLinkSX via OTG support.
Support of models: 850/900 series and (weakly) S70/V70/XC70, S40/V40

Capable of:
-SERVICE Light (RSI – Regular Service Reminder) status reading, program (parameters) and reset/clear.
-LiveData (ABS, Instrument panel (COMBI), Automatic Gearbox..)
-Read and clear most DTC:s (updating…).

You can use this App too as a terminal for ELM327 to send individual hand written commands at Service screen to do for what ever you want 🙂

Will be updated based on feedback. Thanks for support! I hope this will be useful!

There will mostly of course be errors and bugs as i haven´t had opportunities to test than mostly on my own Volvo. So when you send that 850log.txt file to me via email (in settings has one click solution to send via email) i can maybe do something to fix it or let you know can i..

Thank you!

I don´t take any responsibility what this app can cause by using it or while using it.
I don´t warrant any things this app says. Many are just best guesses by looking at them and will be fixed if noted.
App doesn’t have any tracking of users (it asks because of bluetooth permissions.. sorry) only what Google Play Store does (counting etc).

Made in Finland
– Sincerely Aleksi Venäläinen

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Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: 3.1 and up