20DollarRooms is a hotel directory strictly dedicated to listing nothing but the hourly rate hotels and motels we can find throughout the US and Canada. Each listing in our directory was verified by contacting each individual hotel listing to verify their location, contact information, and prices before being added to our directory. You can choose all the necessary amenities such as AC, Free Wi-fi, clean and hygienic rooms and yet still pay by the hour. Many of the locations offer luxury amenities such as hot tubs, private garage, and themed rooms as well. There are many occasions in which people may need a hotel rooms for a few hours. Why should you have to pay full stay hotel rates? Whether you need a room for a few hours due to a layover between flights or just a few hours rest, 20DollarRooms is the place to locate hourly rate hotels and motels near you.

Note: Before downloading our app, verify there are listings in your area by going to our website at: https://www.20dollarrooms.com/. The app will only show listings within 50 miles of the user’s location.

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