12 Zodiac Signs – the most stylish free zodiac signs and astrology app on Google Play! Accurate zodiac signs meaning and professional astrology chart analysis are right here for astrology lovers!

Accurate zodiac signs predictions: select zodiac signs and get highly accurate zodiac signs description or zodiac signs compatibility of your day! Horoscope 2018 predictions are available now!
Personalized astrology compatibility: try the magic of astrology and get insight into personal astrology zodiac sign about you!
12 Zodiac Signs covers all zodiac signs: Aries zodiac sign, Taurus zodiac sign, Gemini zodiac sign, Cancer zodiac sign, Leo zodiac sign, Virgo zodiac sign, Libra zodiac sign, Scorpio zodiac sign, Sagittarius zodiac sign, Capricorn zodiac sign, Aquarius zodiac sign, and Pisces zodiac sign.

12 Zodiac Signs Highlights:
• Daily zodiac horoscope: start and finish your day with astrology zodiac signs.
• Monthly zodiac horoscope: get the monthly zodiac astrology
• Yearly zodiac horoscope 2018: get the yearly astrology zodiac signs
• Articles & galleries of astrology zodiac signs and zodiac signs meaning
• Zodiac signs compatibility & zodiac compatibility
• Tarot card & Tarot reading
• Chinese zodiac signs meaning

12 Zodiac Signs covers ALL zodiac signs:
♈ Aries zodiac signs
♉ Taurus zodiac signs
♊ Gemini zodiac signs
♋ Cancer zodiac signs
♌ Leo zodiac signs
♍ Virgo zodiac signs
♎ Libra zodiac signs
♏ Scorpio zodiac signs
♐ Sagittarius zodiac signs
♑ Capricorn zodiac signs
♒ Aquarius zodiac signs
♓ Pisces zodiac signs

12 Zodiac Signs Key Features:

12 Zodiac Signs partner with the most experienced celebrity astrologers to provide accurate zodiac signs compatibility and astrology horoscope predictions.
Select your zodiac sign and get a highly accurate description of your zodiac sign meaning and astrology zodiac signs compatibility.

Check the astrology compatibility to find the right zodiac sign as a soul mate.
Select the zodiac sign or astrology of your special someone to discover aspects of love astrology in your zodiac sign relationship according to the love astrology and zodiac signs compatibility, like whether Cancer zodiac sign is compatible with Leo zodiac sign or is Leo astrology more compatible with Aries astrology compared with Cancer astrology or what`s the zodiac compatibility between Cancer zodiac sign and Libra zodiac sign?

Hundreds of trending articles and galleries created by celebrity astrologers about zodiac sign, astrology, zodiac signs compatibility, astrology chart and love astrology can be found here, including the most accurate analysis of zodiac astrology chart and zodiac compatibility & astrology compatibility. For example: 11 Signs Proves that Leo Zodiac Sign Women Make the Best Girlfriend Ever; Based on Your Zodiac Sign, How to Date a Libra Zodiac Sign.

One-Card Tarot Reading focuses on the daily facts of your current status. Three-Card Tarot Reading discovers the past, present and future of your zodiac sign.

Chinese zodiac signs covers all the Chinese zodiac signs.

In numerology horoscope, your date of birth will be used to find certain daily fortune and daily facts. Try the Life Path Number and Master Numerology Horoscope.

Personalize your phone and your lifestyle with the most stylish zodiac signs themes.

All information you provide is secure with us, as 12 Zodiac Signs respect your privacy.

“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”

— Albert Einstein

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